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"GAZPROMLYSVA" OOO is a private company founded in 1991 in the Lysva town in Perm Krai, Russia. "GAZPROMLYSVA" OOO is actively involved in every aspect of energy, oil and gas and commodity trading. Our goal is to trade best quality products at a competitive price. We appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and aim for a values-driven culture based on integrity, respect and teamwork. Our company is committed to providing product to customers safely and efficiently.

We serve as the Contractors and Representatives of International Oil & Gas related Projects and Companies worldwide. With our history and key networks in the market, we continue to help the world with its vital energy needs by exploring, supplying, transporting, and investing in them worldwide.

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We are customer-focused trading and marketing company

Leading company in the Energy Industry, at a Global Level Our primary areas of expertise are Trading, Marketing & Distribution of Petroleum Products.

Who We Are

"GAZPROMLYSVA" OOO Trading & Marketing Limited is a commodities-trading and marketing company that uses expertise and logistical networks to distribute reliable energy, efficiently and responsibly. Trading is in the heart of our business. Our customers include multinationals, indigenous oil companies and some of the world’s largest and most of Europe’s airline companies. We deliver the products they need on time and to specification.

Our Security

"GAZPROMLYSVA" OOO is one of the largest independent global supplier of petroleum Refined Products in the world. We are a privately owned professional energy company based in Lysva town in Perm Krai, Russia with offices all over the world specializing in exploration, production, distribution and global marketing of petroleum refined products, crude oil and certain petrochemicals. Our Trade, Supply and Logistics division is responsible for the marketing.

Our Value

"GAZPROMLYSVA" OOO defines its success by the success of its customers and stakeholders differently, with a deep commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, as well as our neighbors and other stakeholders in our businesses. We strive to be good corporate citizens, actively engaging with the communities in which we operate. Finally, "GAZPROMLYSVA" OOO upholds the highest standards of business ethics in all of our operations.

Mission Vision

Our Strategic Purpose

Trust and accountability are the cornerstones of our business philosophy. Customers worldwide prefer to do business with us because:

We go above and beyond to sharpen both ends of a trade. We locate commodities worldwide, connect them to the end users, arrange the right logistics and/or finance if needed, and ensure on-time deliveries at all times.
Our mission is to help make trade happen. We aim to supply commodities to countries that really need them. We source the commodities and deliver it to them on-spec and on time. Our focus is on the full flow of the trade. It should be done with all precautions taken, logistics prepared, and commodities meeting the end-users’ standards. Focus on service and performance is vital in each trade, from its introduction to its conclusion.
We are honest, open and consistent when it comes to business ethical principles, conduct and moral values.
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We offers a wide range of lubricants (Engine Oils) developed in partnership with major manufacturers

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Aviation Fuel

We a leading provider of jet fuel, with close to a million tonnes of jet fuel supplied globally

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Crude Oil

The world leader in crude oil trading, we have an unparalleled grasp of crude markets globally.

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We work with refiners, state-owned oil companies, marketers and distributers, to supply markets worldwide.

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An established LPG trader, trading circa 14 million tonnes of LPG each year

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We supplying customers worldwide using one of the largest specialist fleets in the world.

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